What Topics Are Allowed? | IAMA

What Topics Are Allowed?

Anyone can do an Ask Me Anyhting. The topic of the AMA must meet the rules below, and you must provide proof of the claims you are making.

Ask Me Anything topics fall into two categories:

  1. Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life. 

    The prime example of this is a person's job; posts about someone's occupation are almost always allowed. This rule exists because we want a person's topic to be something that they know thoroughly and is important to them; this gives them more to discuss and a more thorough background in the field.

  2. A truly interesting and unique event.

    The quintessential example used for this is "I just climbed Mount Everest." It's an activity that doesn't play a central role in someone's life, but is so uncommon that the users would not have experiences of their own to relate to it.

AMAs should NOT be about:

  • Common topics.This includes: Your day, your girlfriend, being bored or drunk, weight loss, your opinion on something, your gender identity, your religion, or your psychiatric disorders, needing sympathy or support, etc. 

  • Unprovable topics. Stories about fetishes, abuse, addiction, relationships, sexual behaviors, and sexuality are usually unprovable. 

  • Your experiences on the internet. These are only allowed if it can be objectively determined that the activity is a significant portion of your life, using factors such as income received, time devoted to it, uniqueness and level of creativity, and outside attention it gets. Also consider /r/InternetAMA. Being the face of a meme or famous on Reddit doesn't qualify you for an AMA unless you've made it your job. 

  • Crowd Funding - AMA submitters that include crowd funding campaign links must be eligible for an AMA without the campaign for it to be allowed. Additionally, the focus of the AMA must not be the campaign, and the campaign must be fully funded. If the campaign is has not reached it's goal, it is deemed an advertisement, and will be removed. The final decision on eligibility rests with the moderators. IAmA is not your advertising platform.

  • Where you live. If you want to post about where you live, your post should go in /r/ILiveIn. However, if your location makes you witness to specific current events that you can discuss (for example: I live in Kabul and have witnessed the war in Afghanistan firsthand), then it will be an acceptable topic, but please make sure to include that in your title.

  • Something you plan to do. AMAs should be about something you have already done. Something you plan to do, a product you plan to release, and similar topics will be an acceptable AMA after you have done them/

  • Posts about suicide. Discussion about suicide will be removed and directed to /r/suicidewatch. This isn't meant to be hurtful, it's a well researched fact that open discussion of this type has a measurable impact on increasing suicide rates when it's not regulated. /r/suicidewatch is a community that can better handle this.

  • Being related to someone: If you're related to someone famous, by all means encourage your family member to do an AMA and help them. But it's not a sufficient AMA topic to be simply related to someone famous.

Other Restrictions:

  • Please don't submit a postjust to "see if there's interest." There will be, you should do the AMA.

  • Please limit yourself to one AMA per user, per topic, per 3 month period. If you are repeatedly submitting the same AMA every three months to promote your business, moderators reserve the right to remove the AMA. This is not your advertising platform.

  • Giveaways are not permitted on IAmA. Contests and giveaways already running on a third party site prior to the AMA are acceptable