What are AMA Requests and why are they allowed? | IAMA

What are AMA Requests and why are they allowed?

Note that IAmA Requests should be posted to /r/IAmARequests, never /r/IAmA.

"IAMA Requests" are submissions from regular users who want to see the requested person do an IAmA. The point of these is to hopefully catch the attention of that person or someone who knows them and to show them that there really would be interest in their submission.

Although requests themselves aren't the best content, people do like the AMAs that sometimes do come about from these requests, which is why we continue to allow them. For a partial list of fulfilled requests, see here.

Requests for the same individual or group can only be made a maximum of once every two weeks. Requests must be for users who would be qualified to do an AMA in /r/IAmA, and requests for people who don't qualify will be removed. This also means that requests for someone who has done an AMA within our 3 month guideline will be removed until the time has passed and they are eligible for an AMA again.

Starting on 6/4/2018, AMA Requests should be posted in the /r/IAmARequests subreddit.