How should I vote on responses? | IAMA

How should I vote on responses?

You should vote on an OP’s comments based on:

  • A response that addresses the question(s) being asked: The OP’s answer is pretty much always relevant to the discussion (it is their topic, after all) and it should rarely be downvoted, even if you disagree with what they say.
  • A thorough and detailed answer: If the OP is just using one-word answers or giving flippant responses, then feel free to downvote them. The answers in Woody Harrelson’s AMA are a great example of this: if the OP doesn’t answer a question well, then feel free to downvote it
  • Good humor and playing along with friendly banter

  • If you disagree with the OP’s opinion, offer a reply with your reasoned thoughts. This way, you can open a dialogue with op and potentially debate the differing points of view. This is much better than than downvoting, which just hides the comment from being seen by anyone and makes the AMA harder to navigate.