How should I vote on Requests? | IAMA

How should I vote on Requests?

Note that requests belong in /r/IAmARequests, not /r/IAmA.

You should vote on requests based on:

  • Whether it would be a good AMA if it were fulfilled. See above for those qualities

  • Whether the OP could provide proof if it were fulfilled. Often requests are posted for things that would be impossible to verify. You can also make more specific requests: for example, instead of “AMA request, a murderer” you could request “AMA, someone who has been convicted of murder,” because then they would have court documents as proof.

  • How likely it is that an AMA would happen. Generally, requesting one specific person is difficult, but you can improve your chances by providing a way to contact that person, like their twitter account. Requests are more likely to be fulfilled if you’re requesting a group of people rather than just one in particular

  • Upvote requests which have included at least 5 questions which are relevant to the person being requested. If these are not present, please report the post and message the mods!