How do I use TruePic to submit public proof | IAMA

How do I use TruePic to submit public proof

This is like a standard IAMA Proof picture - but more secure

  1. Download the TRUEPIC app on Android or iOS - if you're on mobile you can click here, otherwise search for it in your App Store.
  2. Create your account, and take your picture.
  3. Pick your level of location detail - depending on your claim you might want exact location, but be careful not to share your home address.
  4. Hit the share button to post to twitter, facebook, etc, or grab the TruePic link itself - which will lead to a page that looks like this.
  5. Include your TruePic link in your post, or link to the tweet or Facebook post with your TruePic included.



NOTE: Under NO circumstances should you use our confidential proof submission systems to submit illegal, classified, or otherwise legally problematic material. We don't want it, and are obligated to report criminal activity.