How do I submit an AMA Request? | IAMA

How do I submit an AMA Request?

To submit a request, simple preface your title with [AMA Request] so that it will show up in a green color on the page. Make sure you spell "request" correctly. Then, type out who you would like to see do an AMA.

In the text of the post, please include 5 or more specific questions for the person you would like to have an AMA from. Requests without the 5 questions will be removed by a bot (so please use question marks). This is to ensure that there really is enough interest in the person that there would be something to talk about.

Additionally, any request for a public figure that has some means of public contact must have it included in the post. Their twitter page, their facebook page, the contact sheet from their website, whatever. Any way that our users can tell this person that we want an AMA from them. Requests that do not comply with this requirement will be removed. This does not apply to requests for non public figures (example, "AMA request: Joe Schmoe, lead designer of New Video Game), or requests for no one in particular (example, "AMA request: a farmer"). It only applies to requests for public figures.

Request should be for someone who would qualify for an AMA. This means requests should meet our topic restrictions and be provable. The best requests are ones that you think have a good chance to succeed.

Finally, please search first to ensure the individual or individuals you are requesting have not already been requested within the last 2 weeks, and that they have not already done an AMA recently. Each duplicate request within a 2-week period will be removed.